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Gaiam Treat Your Feet Kit

Gaiam Treat Your Feet Kit The name says it all: Treat Your Feet. And our kit has it all. The Hot & Cold Foot Roller is contoured for a perfect arch massage and stays hot or cold for up to 20 minutes. The super-compact Ultimate Foot Massager pinpoints pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. And the Flat Band helps strengthen foot muscles and improve range of motion. Hot & Cold Foot Roller with textured, contoured surface for relief Ultimate Foot Massager rolls away specific pain and everyday aches Flat Band with medium resistance increases range of motion Includes downloadable Flat Band exercise guide This product contains latex.

Gaiam Restore Strength & Flexibility Resistance Band Kit

Gaiam Restore Strength & Flexibility Resistance Band Kit Become stronger and more flexible with the most recommended post-physical therapy tool: resistance bands. The Gaiam Restore Strength & Flexibility Resistance Band Kit increases shoulder flexibility and range of motion, strengthen upper back muscles, improve posture, and condition core muscles with our all-in-one resistance band kit. The Strength & Flexibility Kit will add variety and challenge to your workout with three different resistance levels and our detailed exercise guide.

Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit

Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit Give your overworked fingers the attention they deserve with our Hand Therapy Kit. While three 2" massage balls soothe hands and increase hand, wrist and forearm strength, our double-sided Dual Finger Massager offers two kinds of treatments-one to roll out stiffness in individual fingers, the other to target specific hand and finger pain. Massage balls come in soft, medium and firm densities Varied ball densities massage and help increase strength One side of Dual Finger Massager stimulates blood flow to ease stiffness The other side pinpoints areas of hand and finger pain Includes downloadable exercise guide

Gaiam Restore Tension & Stress Reducer

Gaiam Restore Tension & Stress Reducer We don't even need the excuse of exercise to use this Restore Tension & Stress Reducer. As the only adjustable still-point inducer available, it's ergonomically designed to target muscles at the base of the skull-relieving headaches and dissolving daily stress. Ergonomically built to target base-of-skull muscles, reducing tension and stress Alleviates pressure to provide effective headache relief Easily adjusts to three different widths and two different heights Made from dense synthetic rubber for long-term durability Includes guide for proper placement Measurements: Adjustable Base - 6.5"L x 2.5"H; 12.32 oz. Materials: TPR. Care Instructions: Dry with towel after use. Wipe clean with damp cloth and air dry.

Gaiam Back & Neck Therapy Kit

Gaiam Back & Neck Therapy Kit Put an end to neck and back pain. Our kit is the total package. While the Neck & Back Reliever and its massaging rollers hug your neck to reduce tension and ease headaches, our Pinpoint Back Massager lets you easily put focused pressure on back muscles to release tight knots-in your upper, lower and mid-back. Neck & Back Reliever's ergonomic design targets neck tightness Pinpoint Back Massager allows for deep, targeted muscle pressure Includes downloadable Pinpoint Back Massager exercise guide

Comfortable Multifunction Beauty Handle Remove Wrinkles Eye Massager

Comfortable Multifunction Beauty Handle Remove Wrinkles Eye Massager Relax and energize your tired muscles with this Eye Massager. Eliminate pain caused by poor blood circulation. The Eye Massager to provide a therapeutic and soothing massage. Percussion Beauty Massager Provides the whole body with relaxing massage! Could polish your skin as possible. Rolling it on the face helps exercise face muscle and promotes blood circulation. Massage your Eye anywhere, anytime - the next best thing to a professional spa treatment! Massage your skin into smooth now!

Comfortable U Shape Neck Shiatsu Massager Pillow

Comfortable U Shape Neck Shiatsu Massager Pillow Rest your neck and head on this Shiatsu Neck Massager and turn sitting on a plane or in a car into a luxurious experience. The Shiatsu Neck Massager with a soothing heat option is great for use neck or shoulders. Spot Shiatsu targets the pain for massage relief, while the soothing heat helps ease stiffness and tension while kneading away muscle tension pain and fatigue. This U-shaped Neck Massage Pillow can be used to support your neck in its natural curve while you are sitting or lying down, or as a face cradle for supine poses, massage, or yoga therapy. Excellent for restorative poses. This Neck and Shoulder Massager will effectivley massage muscles, release arteries and veins, stiffness, tiredness and paralysis and it can be used at home or at the office and even while travelling.

Insect Prevention Warm Protective Gear Sports Gloves

Insect Prevention Warm Protective Gear Sports Gloves The wind is very horrible when you drive your bike or have morning exercise. Then the drivers need some equipment to protect their body. The breathable and comfortable materials of the Protective Gloves would provide thorough protection. These Protective Gloves are easy to wear, suitable for any time use, and have a strong effect of defense. From now on, you can drive your bike or have morning exercise at ease, because of the protection of the Designer Gloves.